Tuesday, April 26, 2011

QR Codes for education

Recently I heard about an interesting technology being used in K12 education. QR Codes are those little black and white squares that can be scanned like a bar code by your smart phone.

There have been some fascinating cases using QR codes and cell phones to increase student retention of material. My favorite was an example of a language professor that typed a list of typical Spanish phrases on a handout, and next to each word she put a QR Code. When the student scanned the code, there was an audio file that said the phrase, making it easy for students to practice the correct pronounciation. Another great example is how QR Codes are being used in art galleries to allow people to scan for more information on an artwork, artist, or even a link to a website.

Take some time to think about how to use it in your classroom or your webpages. I've used it to let students scan contact information directly into their phones during orientation sessions, and for quick links to tutorial videos in training sessions.

Here's an example:

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