Wednesday, July 14, 2010

VoiceThread Technology

Voicethread is a technology that allows faculty to post a video, image or PowerPoint slides and a short narration about it. Then students can watch the narration, and make audio comments, or questions. It also has a nice feature that allows students to draw on the slide or image to better illustrate their comment.

The advantages are that it allows students to ask questions and make comments while listening to the video, rather than watching a video, and then going into their LMS to post a comment in a forum.

The disadvantage is that when a professor posts something, the students have to create a VoiceThread account in order to view and comment. There is a free account, but to fully utilize all the features, there are subscription costs.

To see my sample, Click Here.

To read a recent post by Dr. John Orlando for Faculty Focus on Using VoiceThread in Online Discusions, Click Here.

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